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List of Exhibits

5/20/2023 - 6/24/2023 - PAINTING: 1991 - 2023, CELEBRATING 30+ YEARS AS A CHARLOTTE ARTIST; Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery, 700 North Tryon St., Charlotte NC 28202 (Solo)


08 - 09/2022 - Artists Choice

Foundry Gallery, Washington D.C. (Juried)

03 - 04/2020 - Ruminations On The Human Condition

Iredell Arts Council Galleries, Statesville, NC (Solo)

03 - 08/2018 - Celebrating 5 Years of Community Supported Art

Projective Eye Gallery, UNC Charlotte Center City Gallery, NC (Invitational)

03/2017 - Retrospective: Paintings from 1989 - 2017'

Studio-X Gallery, Charlotte, NC (solo)


11/2016 - 'NoDa is a State of Mind'

NoDa Company Store & Gallery (solo)


3/7/2015 - Showdown

Hart Wizten Gallery, Charlotte, NC (Juried)


9/5/14 - 10/1/14 Tree Party

Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, NC (Juried)


8/13-10/13 A North Carolina Homecoming Lucas Mansion Gallery, Hiddenite Center, Hiddenite, NC (solo)


7/13-8/13 Blowing Rock & Beyond

Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery

Blowing Rock NC (Group)

1/13-3/13 'Modern Poverty:

An Introspective Art Show' Watkins Gallery, Queens College NC (Invitational)

7/12-8/12 Streets of Charlotte

Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC (Solo)

11/11-12/11 Beneath the Canopy of Trees - Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC (Featured Artist)

6/10 - 8/10 Lineage of NoDa

- Adam Ramsey Miller Gallery, Concord, NC. Invitational group exhibit featuring the original Artists of Charlotte's Historic NoDa Art District

10/09 - 11/09 Carolina's Got Art  Atherton Mill, Charlotte NC.
Juried invitational competition curated by Elder Gallery. NYC Art Critic Brice Brown, juror.

9/09 - 10/09 Debut

Studio Elysia, The Arthouse, Charlotte, NC (Group)

3/09 - 4/09 Party At The End Of

The World & Other Paintings

Glover Gallery, Charlotte, NC (solo)

11/06 - 1/07 Paintings 1991-2006 Gallery 620, Charlotte, NC

4/01/06 - 4/30/06 Eclipse in Soho Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York City, NY (w/ECLIPSE ART GROUP)

9/02/05 - 10/30/05 Non-Linear Perspectives Gallery 620, Charlotte, NC (w/ ECLIPSE ART GROUP)


2/04-4/04 What is Sex? Bickett Gallery, Raleigh, NC (group invitational)


11/03-1/04 THIS IS MY BRAIN

Sanctuary Art, Charlotte, NC (solo)

5/03-7/03 Chaos Troubadour

Sanctuary Art, Charlotte, NC

(group invitational)

9/02-1/03 Celebrating The Legacy of Romare Beardon Knight Gallery, Spirit Square, Charlotte (juried invitational - curated by Mint Museum and McColl Arts Center)

4/02-6/02 Decade Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte, NC (w/ ECLIPSE ART GROUP)


10/00-1/01 The Year Round Salon Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York (group show)

10/00-11/00 The Political Machine

J.R. Reynolds Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC (w /ECLIPSE ART GROUP)

4/00-5/00 Fun House

Wrightnow Gallery, NC (2 man show)


12/99-2/00 Regional Artists Invitational Waterworks Gallery, Salsbury, NC


12/99-1/00 Show of the Century Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte, NC



10/99-11/99 Communicating at an unknown rate...

Wrightnow Gallery (solo)

9/99-10/99 Imagination Unlimited Pomegranite Gallery, Charlotte (invitational)


5/99-6/99 2000 23 Studio,

Charlotte, NC (solo)


2/99-3/99 Images from the Void Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte, NC



9/98-10/98 Welcome to the Libido Cafe Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte (solo)


7/98-8/98 6 Reds 7 Whites

Witzen's Gallery, Charlotte



6/98-7/98 Eclipse Bites the Big Apple Kothe-Howard Gallery, Charlotte


5/6/05 - 6/25/05 Ballad of the Yellow House Gallery 620, Charlotte, NC (Solo)



6/04 - 7/04 Artists Hanging Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC (Group)

4/98-5/98 In Celebration of Strange Days  Witzen's Gallery, Charlotte (solo)


3/98-4/98 Total Eclipse

Witzens Gallery, Charlotte, NC



2/98-3/98 Portraits: Self

& Imposed

Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte, NC


2/98-3/98 STROUTH/KIRK

J.R. Reynolds Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC (invitational - 2 man show)

9/97-10/97 Charlotte in Transition Kothe-Howard Gallery, Charlotte, NC

(2 man show with Raid Al Rawi)

7/97-8/97 Mindscapes Center of the Earth Gallery, Charlotte (group)

1/97-2/97 Charlotte...We Live Here, Too Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte


2/96-10/96 The Harlequins Last Dance Wrightnow Gallery (solo)

11/95-12/95 North Charlotte, Inside & Out Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte

(2 man show w/C. Frank Haas)

10/95-1/95 Emerging Artists Exhibition Charlotte-Douglas Airport Concourse Gallery (Invitational)

9/95-11/95 The Artist Steps Forth & Burns the World

Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte (solo)

6/95-7/95 Freedom of Expression Knight Gallery, Spirit Square Center for the Arts, Charlotte (Invitational)

12/94-2/95 The Endless Possibilities: 5 Year Retrospective

Wrightnow Gallery, Charlotte (solo)
*Funded by a grant from the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County

8/92-10/92 Discovering America Winthrop Galleries, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC (Invitational)


The Harlequins Mind Tour & Soul Rub

Absinthe Gallery, Charlotte, NC (solo)​

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